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Posted on 2033.03.28 at 10:16
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Reposting from recent fests

Posted on 2015.04.25 at 17:46
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Still horribly behind with everything. Thanks for all your support of hd_remix, both our main fest and our flash fest. Here's a re-post of my contributions and THANK YOU for the amazing comments I still have to find time to answer ♥♥♥

hd_remix Remix Fest 2015
Title: Like Falling
Summary: The wards let him through to the river bank because it is what he needs. Sometimes, perhaps, he swims a little too long and lets himself sink a little too deep, just for the peace of it. A remix of kedavranox’s story The Voldemort Manor.
Artist's Notes: I love the beautiful, broken but resolute Draco in this story. Vaguely inspired also by Ani Defranco's lyrics for "Falling is Like This" (1994)

I'm sorry I can't help you, I cannot keep you safe
I'm sorry I can't help myself, so don't look at me that way
we can't fight gravity on a planet that insists
that love is like falling
and falling is like this

hd_remix Flash Fest
#1 raitala wrote Like Diamonds We Are Cut With Our Own Dust (PG-13 | 10800 words)
Summary: Draco has borne the mark of the Dark Lord for over ten years. It is familiar to him, but he pays the price for it every day, and Harry has noticed.


Czocha College of Wizardry

Posted on 2015.04.24 at 10:11
So, yeah, three-day live-action role play in a castle in Poland - was, unsurprisingly, EPIC.
[Photo credits all go to John-Paul Bichard ]

Magical lessons, magical houses, magical tavern, secret passages, astronomy tower, dungeons, forest, lake. The works. If you want to get a flavour of the amazing visual and material reality that was created there, take a look through this album.

I promised to share how it went, so here goes. I'll try and keep it brief (and totally fail to), but the whole thing was mind-blowing. My head wasn't outside the game for a single minute. I didn't think of my family once. For two days after I had a strange absence at my hip where my wand holster had been. Sorry to everyone I owe comments to and stuff - I am only just groping my way back to reality.
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Posted on 2015.04.15 at 21:05
I am behind with everything!

I'm behind with cross posting to Tumblr - hd_remix fest people I will do this soon.

If you haven't seen it - go check out hd_remix for amazing art by Alekina and heaps of other cool stuff.

I'm off to Poland to be a Wizard for three days. I may explode with excitement, you guys!


Thinky Thoughts: Women can be Heroes

Posted on 2015.04.11 at 17:42
Edit: You ladies are all awesome - just reading all these is making me tear up - thank you all! *sniffs*

OK, this is not so much a thinky thought as a call for assistance. I'm trying to collect a bigger mental collection of women heroes (RL ones, not fictional) - something to challenge the patriarchal consensus that men *do* things and *are* things in the world and women support and serve and subsume themselves in others.

Along with the various pressures to make that true, there is also a general erasing, re-writing and institutionalised forgetting of all the women who *do* and *are* in contradiction of this narrative. There is a pretty pitiable pantheon of 'significant' women who get trotted out again and again (Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie etc.) but there are loads whose significance has been written out of history.

♥♥♥ Do any of you have any favourite female heroes you could tell me about/ direct me towards? ♥♥♥

To get the ball rolling. Here's a couple: Rosalind Franklin, who worked on the discovery of DNA, but unlike Watson and Crick was not widely recognised for her contribution. No Nobel prize for her.

Gertrude Bell - a female Laurence of Arabia, only much less well known. She was a historian, novelist and member of the British secret service who played a major role in directing the political order in the Middle East following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. A biopic has just been made (2015) and do you know what the director says? "This is a woman who has a very complex, very beautiful inner life, and two tragic love stories." Blurgh!

In other news, this fest is going great! \o/

Posting starts April 9th at hd_remix.


'That Picture' Flash Fest - starts tomorrow!

Posted on 2015.04.08 at 16:48

Posting starts April 9th at hd_remix.

It really is going to be gorgeous! \o/


Rai's Journeys Through the Lands of the Tumblr

Posted on 2015.03.12 at 16:34
Having been more or less baffled by Tumblr for the last year or so I have recently been making what feels like some progress. After weeks of of shamelessly stalking and kinda crushing on alekina painstaking effort and dedication, I have a new found understanding of the ways of the Tumbl. I promised vaysh I would share my hard won knowledge of how it is *possible* to interact with actual people on Tumblr, not *just* look at pretty pictures. This may be useful for the apocalypse when Putin finally forces all gay materials deleted from Russian servers and we have to flee LJ. (Disclaimer: the scenario is entirely hypothetical and not intended to induce any anxiety attacks in anyone reading).

Things I have learnt on Tumblr
1. Let go of any preconceived notions of how one might devise a platform to facilitate on-going person to person communication and exchange of ideas. This is not that platform.
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OMG best birthday ever!!!

Posted on 2015.03.07 at 14:18
I am dead. Literally dead.

Look at my commission from alekina. I am so owed by this image. It isn't even funny:


Also a wand made to my own design. What every thirty six year old needs: a bespoke portrait of Draco Malfoy and a magic wand.


Time line
25th February - Fest opens for Sign-ups
5th April - Submissions Due
9th - 15th April - All Submissions Posted at hd_remix.

Go check out all our prompts and sign up for something :)

Time line
21st February - Prompting is open!
25th February - Fest opens for Sign-ups
5th April - Submissions Due
9th - 15th April - All Submissions Posted at hd_remix.

Go on, what do you want to see? Or just a chance to ogle Draco's tasty buns again \o/


Pimping: 'That Picture' Flash Fest

Posted on 2015.02.18 at 16:31

Time line
21st February - Fest opens for Prompting
25th February - Fest opens for Sign-ups
5th April - Submissions Due
9th - 15th April - All Submissions Posted at hd_remix.

Go check out the flash fest announcement. The banner leads to the post. I'm so excited *g*


'That Picture' - OMG *flails*

Posted on 2015.02.17 at 22:33
Hello flistees, this is a sneak preview because I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF.

Seriously, if you haven't seen it in the full, check it out here: alekina's tumblr

I could flail all day and all night about this picture (I more or less have already). What I LOVE is the hand thrust to the head and Draco's stance. That hand ... dismissive and possessive at once. And Draco's posture is so drawn up and defiant, even as he submits his arm to Harry's spellwork and allows his head to turn and drop ... *mops drool* And Harry is so intent on his spell, he could almost, almost be innocent of the significance of mastering Draco like this, if it weren't for something fierce in his scowl. And that dominance/submission is so subtle, that it can be inverted even within the same image, by the delicacy of Harry's casting hand and wrist in contrast with the firm, defiant grip Draco maintains on his own wand. It makes it beautifully open to whatever interpretation you prefer *swoons*

Let us not forget the overall dressing of the picture: I have been hankering for Draco with an undercut for a while. And the tailoring is to die for and the perfect line of his back and, let's all take a moment, his arse ... *thunk*

The 'That Picture' Flash Fest will be announced on hd_remix tomorrow. I am definitely going to write something and I haven't been bitten by a fic bug since nearly this time last year. I may even art something too. If I can ever just stop staring.

Onwards and upwards for project canon: the first time Harry Potter takes to the air.

Chapter nine: The Midnight Duel

‘No Crabbe and Goyle up here to save your neck, Malfoy,’ Harry called.

The same thought seemed to have struck Malfoy. ‘Catch it if you can, then!’ he shouted, and he threw the glass ball high into the air and streaked back towards the ground.

I wish I had more time for drawing. This is a permanent state of affairs, I guess. Things I would draw if I had infinite time, but won't, include Harry and Hermione on the top of the tower, greeting Charlie's friends who are all transparently, flamboyantly gay, only not so's an 11-year old would notice. Also Harry and Hermione seeing a centaur for the first time, eyes popping in juvenile sexual awakening. But I will do another couple of images to round off The Philosopher's Stone. Remember to go an share your thoughts over on hpbookclub15. I've got some thinky thoughts over there on attitudes to risk in the wizarding world and stuff.


Project Canon: The Bloody Baron

Posted on 2015.01.18 at 16:50
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This just a small piece, but I was tickled by the idea of Draco stuck next to the Bloody Baron at the opening feast. Poor Draco. Hogwarts does not work for him like it was meant to. I bet his dad didn't have to put up with this shit! ;)

Harry looked over at the Slytherin table and saw a horrible ghost sitting there, with blank staring eyes, a gaunt face and robes stained with silver blood. He was right next to Malfoy who, Harry was pleased to see, didn’t look too pleased with the seating arrangements.


Project Canon: The Handshake That Wasn't

Posted on 2015.01.15 at 14:56
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Here's another piece inspired by my hpbookclub15 re-read. I'm a bit behind with everything, but looking forward to joining the discussion on the 20th.

Chapter 6: The Journey to Hogwarts

He held out his hand to shake Harry’s, but Harry didn’t take it.
‘I think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself, thanks,’ he said coolly.

Draco Malfoy didn’t go red, but a pink tinge appeared in his pale cheeks.
‘I’d be careful if I were you, Potter,’ he said slowly. ‘Unless you’re a bit politer you’ll go the same way as your parents.'

birdsofshore and I managed to whip up quite an emotional storm discussing this and reflecting on the impact this has on the rest of Draco's life. His poor little mind cannot parse what is going on and his knee-jerk response to the rejection is to say the most vicious and hurtful thing he can think of. And thus the wheels are set in motion ...

Trying to explain slash to a non-slasher has led me to put this together, so I thought I'd share

Any fictional sexual or romantic relationship between two male characters takes place in the wider context of our social/cultural/literary traditions in which men are understood as *people*. This is at least how *I* understand it. Women are rarely understood as just people in literature or media. Their personhood is mediated by their gender. They are women first. Even strong female characters are 'strong female characters'. Male characters are just strong. Weak female characters are just women. Weak male characters are *interesting*. On top of this, women readers are broadly expected to identify with female characters and men with male ones.

When you want to explore romantic and sexual relationships and especially when you want to explore power dynamics within those relationships this is problematic for women (or at least for me). What I like about slash is the opportunity to explore these themes between two people who, by virtue of being male, have an automatic baseline existence as autonomous, self-directing individuals.
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Project Canon: Madam Malkin's

Posted on 2015.01.05 at 21:39
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So I'm rereading Philosopher's Stone as part of the hpbookclub15 and inspired by this and birdsofshore's suggestion of canon scenes I'm on a bit of a canon kick. Sort of tickled by the idea of illustrating all seven books, but only the scenes with Draco in them *g*

Here's where we first see him. Chapter 5: Diagon Alley

‘Well, no one really knows until they get there, do they, but I know I’ll be in Slytherin, all our family have been – imagine being in Hufflepuff, I think I’d leave, wouldn’t you?’


Art - Fiendfyre - G

Posted on 2015.01.02 at 22:21
birdsofshore requested something canonical on my recent call for prompts. Of the moments she suggested, the Fiendfyre one was the one that most caught my eye as something I had never done before.

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2014 Fanworks Roundup

Posted on 2015.01.02 at 16:39
This is rather self-indulgent, but it's nice to see all my work for last year in one place. Despite months off fan works, especially though the Autumn, I actually did a shed load of stuff last year and I really enjoyed it :D

I six months of writing I managed just shy of 50,000 words of fic, which I'm really proud of. Though I felt for most of the year that I didn't have time for art, I did a fair amount. A lot of black and white this year, but a range of media including digital art for the first time. Thumbnails link to full size art.


After Hours at the Ministry of Magic for the HD Character Love Fest

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Art Post

Posted on 2014.12.29 at 21:30
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