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Posted on 2033.03.28 at 10:16
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Claiming my Tropes Fic & Comments thoughts

Posted on 2014.08.18 at 09:20
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I had a roller-coaster ride writing this fic. I loved it, but also found keeping a long story like this on track so, so challenging. I worked really hard on it, so I was intensely gratified by amazing, thoughtful comments it ended up getting, here and on AO3. I know that comment counts are generally down on where they were a few years back, but the quality is just amazing. I can scroll back to 2009-ish and see 50+ comments on my art postings, but most of them are one line of squee, interspersed with about ten comments that really engage with what I was doing. Now one might only get ten comments, but they are the ten that matter. HD fandom seems to be getting older, but more thoughtful. That or it is just the really intense (insane) fans who have stuck around for the long haul :D Anyway, you commenters blew me away!

I owe huge thanks to my betas zeitgeistic, birdsofshore and vaysh (I know, dream team right!?!) for working through such a long story, for reassuring me it was worth persevering and keeping me from losing my nut about it all.

I'm working on replying to comments, buuuut, I've been kidnapped by an epic project for hd_erised and I'm pre-reading for hd_fan_fair (great stuff coming in!) and I need to finish up my dirty-wrong-right pieces for dm_asp_fest and hp_crossgenfest. Yup, could be managing my time management a bit better but, you guys, I just HAD to spend every spare minute this last week working on my hd_erised idea, even though it is the least due of everything, because I'm so excited by it!

Oh yeah, here's my fic:
Title: Shine, Even in the Darkness
Word Count: 41,000
Rating: NC-17
Content: (Warnings) Dub-con, anal sex, oral sex, rimming, fighting, swearing, draco is still a prick.
Summary: Harry hasn’t seen Draco for over fifteen years, but now he’s showing up everywhere and Harry is sort of weirdly attracted to him, but that can’t be right?


Happy Birthday, Harry! - ART

Posted on 2014.07.31 at 21:05
Using my new-found digital art skills to give Harry a birthday present to remember!

Surprise! A lap full of Malfoy.

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Anyone want a really crap drawing?

Posted on 2014.07.28 at 20:20
Inspired by dustmouth I'm trying out drawing directly into photoshop, rather than pencil and then scanning. I also want to challenge myself to move away from my very carefully (read: time consuming) fully referenced poses. So, the results are likely to be utter, banana-fingered crap, but I'm looking for ideas.


It's too hot

Posted on 2014.07.18 at 21:54
My computer is frizzing on me. In place of the comment 'nice analysis' it saved a version that said 'nice anal'.

My computer is a slash fan who is trying to get my fired from my job so I have more time for gay wizards. *headdesk*

ETA: Jaysus H Christ! Just saw the ice-lolly smears my toddler has spread up the hall walls from kitchen to bathroom. Right, summer is cancelled. Fuck this shit! Where's the White Witch when you need her?


HD Tropes!

Posted on 2014.07.16 at 21:54

I have been so looking forward to this fest! I have next to no time this week, but I've really enjoyed what I've managed to dip into so far. Because tropes! ♥♥♥


Not dead ...

Posted on 2014.06.22 at 09:44
Wow, sorry for disappearing off! All through May I was working like mad on my hd_tropes fic, which utterly ate all my spare time and energy. I'm pretty pleased with the results, thanks to my lovely betas, but I sort of needed a break once it was done.

I've decided not to write anything for the rest of the year. In my quest for the perfect work:family:friends:fandom balance. We'll see if this resolution has any more life to it than most fandom resolutions ;) At any rate, I'll be concentrating on art for a bit.

I've claimed a great prompt for hd_fan_fair. There were so many great ones this year! Still plenty more for those who haven't claimed yet!

birdsofshore has twisted my rubber arm and got me all enthused about dm_asp_fest, which I've never done before. But she (an three glasses of wine) convinced me pretty quickly :D We had a really great day of fandom chat, that totally helped me lay my post-fic burn-out to rest. Looking forward to the hd_fanart fest too, which birdsofshore helped me to mull ideas for.

I can't wait for hd_tropes to start posting. I do love me some tropes.

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HD Fan Fair is rocking - come and post your prompts!

Posted on 2014.06.06 at 19:55

Prompting at this year's hd_fan_fair starts on June 5th!

There are so many hilarious and wonderful prompts coming through. Come and check it out. There is still plenty more room for new ideas. You know you want to. Ballerina!Draco FTW!


Rose Tattoo - for dracotops_harry

Posted on 2014.05.16 at 19:14
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )


La, I really do write!

Posted on 2014.05.10 at 14:53
I've really been bitten by this writing bug. After eight years of just being able to dictate where the boys stand and where they look and who they touch (each other) and the odd line of dialogue, it is quite a heady rush to have complete control over them *creepy laughter*

I have mostly been using my new found powers for good though, i.e. making them fuck one another \o/

For dracotops_harry I wrote my first porn ever. It was so good! I mean, writing it was so good, but other people seemed to like it too (I was so thrilled with the comments). My favourite-most, utter shit, Draco Malfoy and stoic, clipped, taking-it-like-a-man Harry Potter *happy sigh* I had so much fun!

Title: A Fox’s Bargain
Summary: Harry made a bargain with Draco. He knew it was going to come back and bite him on the arse, he just didn’t think about what exactly Draco would ask for. Draco would say that Harry must have known deep down what he was agreeing to, but then Draco is a prick and what would he know?
Details: NC-17 | 6000 words
Warning(s): Non-con kiss (at the beginning), dub-con sex, fingering, rimming, orgasm denial, D/s dynamics, unredeemed!draco (he’s an arsehole).

For hp_kinkfest I've written another PWP, which is gentler and more sensual. Draco is only a little bit of a prick.

Title: A Touch of Silk
Kink Showcased: Clothing fetish (e.g. satin, silk)
Details: NC-17 | 4400 words
Summary: Harry has won a bet and Draco Malfoy has to serve him afternoon tea while wearing a dress. This should be amusing, Harry thinks.
Warnings/Content Notes: Cross dressing, but not gender bending.

A million thanks to birdsofshore who beta:ed both of these ♥♥♥

I'll repost my dracotops_harry art when Deviantart gets over whatever little fit it is throwing this afternoon.


H/D Remix Reveals

Posted on 2014.04.04 at 19:43
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Yay - hd_remix has posted it's reveals :D

I can now claim my fic, Shame Keeps its Watch, which I wrote as a remix for lettered's fic IDK, My BFF Hermione?

I've loved this fic by lettered for ages, with its wonderfully out of control Draco. With my remix I tried to explore a little further just how Draco might have turned into that 'hot mess' lettered wrote.

vaysh did an amazing job with my beta and it was great fun working with her modding this fest ♥♥♥ Kudos to birdsofshore who managed to guess it was mine by the simple expedient of figuring out which of the fics she'd most likely rec to me - genius!

I also drew for xenadragon_xoxo a remix of her fic Sew Me Back Together. In which I looked,from a slightly darker angle, at her heroic Harry rescuing a vulnerable Draco.

Title: Mine
Summary: As a child the only things that really belonged to Harry were things that were broken and that no one else wanted. Somewhere deep inside, he knows this is all he will ever be allowed.


So much going on!

Posted on 2014.04.02 at 12:12
Wow - after what felt like a bit of a slow patch in March, fandom has exploded again. So much to do!

First off, go check out the hd_remix Round-up Posts and Guessing Poll! Hee, I wrote a fic as well as art - can you make a guess?

dracotops_harry has started posting - I'm so excited about this! vaysh says the submissions this year are epic! A whole month of toppy Draco *happy sigh* I'll try and drop some recs here - but I have a busy month.

I have things to write and draw for dracotops_harry (shhh, it's a second submission so it's not so badly late), hd_tropes and hp_kinkfest

\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

I need more time, dammit!

By popular demand, well, a couple of people:

Author: circe_tigana
Title: Draco Malfoy and the Not Potter
Rating: G
Words: 1039
Minutes: 8 mins
Summary: Draco takes a delicate bite of crumpet, savouring the piquant berry spread. "Ah," he says, with his mouth full. "But that's not Harry Potter, is it?"

Notes: Sorry I'm a bit croaky - bloody hay fever! I don't have the least idea what I was aiming for with Ron's accent, but suffice to say, I did not arrive.

Inspired by icmezzo's awesome HP Voice Meme, which you all still have to do.


HP Voice Meme

Posted on 2014.03.31 at 11:59
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icmezzo has started this great voice meme over on her journal. It's a great chance to get to hear the actual voices of your fandom friends, you should all do it! HERE.

I used the Vocaroo service she suggested and that is the quickest way of doing it, I think. You can hear my piece:

Audio recording software >>

The fics I recced were HArry Potter and the Inconvenient Condition and Kaliash When it Rises - God, I love these two stories!

I read an excerpt from Draco Malfoy and the Not Potter by circe_tigana


Podfic: Every Fifteen Seconds by BSMOG

Posted on 2014.03.20 at 20:51

Title: Every Fifteen Seconds
Fic Author: bsmog
Summary: The faceless men Draco Malfoy fights these days don’t offer redemption or salvation. They don’t offer answers or even friendship. Draco is tired of answers, and though he still has a few friends, most of them have lives of their own and can’t understand how Draco is still haunted by the ghost of someone he hasn’t seen in four years. And as for salvation, Draco gave up on that years ago. Because even the Saviour couldn’t be saved. EWE, Post-war. Written for 2011 hd_holidays [Complete]

Podficer's Notes: I know it has been two years since I posted part one of this fic. I know this because I have a two-year-old child running about, whom I was pregnant with at the time. It has basically taken two years to achieve sufficient calm in the house for a resumption of podficcing activity. But I'm back now and thank you for your patience!

I owe special thanks, of course, to bsmog for writing this delicious story. Many thanks are also due to golden_snitch12, who beta:ed part two for me (remaining errors are entirely my own - as I was too lazy to re-record), and potterotic, who supported my flailing and failing attempts to interact with the webspace so kindly provided for me by paraka.

Disclosure: I just couldn't be arsed with the muscial interludes I edited in for part 1 - sorry. As agreed with bsmog, I have also jumped all explicit sex scenes - so do read the original for the full NC-17 experience.

Part 1 (43 mins)

Part 2 (82 mins)

Podfics can be downloaded at


Technical help?

Posted on 2014.03.18 at 21:42
Hello there!

This message goes out to anyone who is a fan of my podfics or just a fan of helping other people out. paraka has very kindly set up space for me to host my podfics on her site, and I'm doing something wrong that means I can't get my FTP client to let me log on to the site at all. First hurdle *smack - oww* paraka has checked the log in details and I've tried every permutation of typing them and copying them on every computer I can get my hands on and I just don't know what I am doing wrong.

If you are experienced with this and could give me a hand, that would be wonderful. Even if you aren't experienced and could just take a stab and seeing if you can follow the instructions and sign on using my details, it would be better than the total stalemate I have now.

I have the rest of "every fifteen seconds" ready to share once I have a way of hosting it - if that is any incentive? ♥♥♥


Hello and thanks!

Posted on 2014.03.13 at 07:16
Thanks you guys for the birthday messages and things - I had a lovely day. Topped it off by watching Deathly Hallows 2 on DVD and having a chinese takeaway with Mr Rai.

View of Hogwarts
Rai: *heart swells*
Mr Rai (mutters): It's just a model.
Rai: *swots*

birdsofshore gifted me with the most wonderful ficlet: Turning the Tables. If you haven't checked it out, you must!

It is a Draco monologue inspired by my First Catch Your Dragon art, with Draco musing, so deliciously about turning the tables on Harry and tricking him, cajoling him, seducing him into kneeling before him, with Harry fighting him every inch of the way. If you are in to sexy D/s dynamics, you must read it.

hd_remix continues apace: I hope you are keeping up *sternface* ;)

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Podfic beta

Posted on 2014.03.09 at 07:17
Hi there,

Would anyone like to beta a podfic for me? It's the rest of "Every Fifteen Seconds" by bsmog (running time 1 hour 22 mins). I just need someone to listen through and tell me if there are any fluffs or repetitions I've missed in my editing.




Posted on 2014.03.07 at 09:03
OMG, dustmouth has posted the most fabulous art as a birthday gift for me. Aurors, people, sexy Aurors in uniform. By dustmouth. I do not need to say any more. *nods*


hd_remix has been posting all week and it has been awesome! If you aren't already reading, go check it out! We'll post a roundup tomorrow. Seriously though, go read, comment and rec - you know how much everyone appreciates that ♥

I've signed up for hd_tropes. You know how much I love a good trope :) I couldn't sign up last year because I don't do high rated art. But now I write too. It's going to be such fun!

I am so excited about dracotops_harry this year too. *rubs hands together in anticipation*

Now, back to enjoying my birthday breakfast out (ham and cheese croissant and jasmin tea, if you are wondering). *peruses hd_remix spreadsheet* What shall we post today?



Posted on 2014.02.27 at 20:26

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